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Owner of the Little Red Etsy store, film buff and resident weirdo

Etsy Store Owner

Janice Thorpe


Jenni McCarthy is a metal-and-horror-film obsessed human being, currently based in London. Originally from Wiltshire, she moved to London to seek fame and fortune.


She found neither of these things, and now spends most of her time, cider in hand, either at The Black Heart, or at a gig somewhere, boring people to death with her music chat and inciting pity with her ridiculous West Country accent, which she strenuously denies actually having.

Presenter, Blogger, Etc

Jenni McCarthy


Its not just a clever nickname, he really does make neon signs when he's not searching for hot new bands and gigs from his lair in the
heart of the shire

A usually quiet creature with a fondness for castles, graveyards, Goth, Gothic and real ale.

Presenter, Promo Guru

Gareth Wright


Gari is the "quiet one" in the Mayhem team, and is most likely to be found procrastinating instead of planning shows and schedules in a timely manner (like he is supposed to)!!!

His love of metal was ignited at the tender age of 10 and a lifelong obsession with Iron Maiden began. Being a radio presenter certainly wasn't something he ever though he would get the chance to do, or even have the confidence to do. Yet somehow here he is doing if only he could pluck up the courage to take it a step further and carry out interviews!     

Presenter, Blogger

Gari Lee


Rick Eaglestone
Reviewer, Blogger, Etc

Obsessed with peanut butter, dodgy horror & metal in equal measures.

Rick enjoys a good single malt whiskey, exploring for new sounds and creating playlists and is hoping to soon turn those playlists into shows.

Sewing patches on Battle Jackets not so much.


Presenter, Blogger

Ricky Eaglestone


Andrew is a fairly quiet and shy guy, who after nearly 4 years in the frontlines is about to step down from being a regular presenter, to emergency presenter and webmaster, mostly webmaster.

Proud father of three, loves Metal, Films, Playing guitar, and loads more.


Andrew Sparks



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